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The Results Driven Podcast

Mar 26, 2024

In this episode of the Raw Real Estate Podcast, Brenda Tushaus sits down with Brandon Haugen and Samantha Keck, two veteran real estate agents who recently joined forces to launch the Haugen and Keck team at RE/MAX Results in Onalaska, Wisconsin. With over 16 years of combined experience in the RE/MAX network, Brandon and Samantha share their insights on forming a successful team, navigating the challenges of the industry, and staying committed to personal and professional growth.

3 Must Hear Moments:

1. Brandon opens up about the inspiration behind forming the Haugen and Keck team, sharing a touching story about his late wife Allison and her influence on his decision to partner with Samantha. (timestamp: [00:16:50])

2. Samantha discusses the importance of community involvement and her passion for working with youth, addiction, and mental illness, highlighting how giving back has enriched her life both personally and professionally. (timestamp: [00:11:40])

3. Both Brandon and Samantha emphasize the value of being open to change and embracing new marketing strategies, such as social media and video content, to stay relevant and connect with a diverse range of clients. (timestamp: [00:17:00])

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